Academic positions

Uppsala University

Research Associate
Department of Life Sciences, Imperial College London, United Kingdom.
2018 - present

Uppsala University

Department of Zoology, Stockholm University, Sweden.
2017 - 2018

Uppsala University

Department of Mathematics, Uppsala University, Sweden.
2013 - 2017

Sydney University

Visiting researcher
School of Biological Sciences, University of Sydney, Australia.


University College Dublin

PhD in Theoretical Physics
University College Dublin, Ireland.
2009 – 2013

Donetsk National University

MSc in Ecology (first class honours)
Donetsk National University, Ukraine.
2007 – 2008

Donetsk National University

BSc in Ecology (first class honours)
Donetsk National University, Ukraine.
2003 – 2007

Research stays

Department of Mathematics and Statistics, Dalhousie University, Halifax, Canada. January - February 2015.

Department of Physics, Humboldt University Berlin, Germany. June 2011.

Department of Physics, Humboldt University Berlin, Germany. July 2010.

Professional activities

Teaching: Data Driven Biology, Imperial College London, 2018.
                1st year Physics, School of Physics, University College Dublin, 2010 - 2013.
                Data Analysis and Interpretation, School of Biology and Environmental Sciences, University College Dublin, 2013

Reviewer for: Nature Physics, Scientific Reports, Royal Society Journal Interface, Proceedings of the Royal Society B, Behavioural Ecology, Journal of Mathematical Biology, Journal of Theoretical Biology, Journal of Physics A, Journal of Physics D, Frontiers in Robotics and AI, PLOS One, Modern Physics Letters

Conference organising committee member: Collective Motion 2016, Uppsala, Sweden, 2016.

Selected presentations

Invited talk. Animal Movement International Symposium: Bridging the gap between modelling and tracking data. Lund University, Sweden, 2016.

Regular talk. 14th Granada Seminar: Physics Meets the Social Sciences. Emergent cooperative phenomena, from bacterial to human group behaviour. Granada, Spain, 2015.

Invited talk. CECAM Conference: Collective dynamics in physics, biology and social sciences. University College Dublin, 2015.

Invited talk. International Conference: Collective Behavior Experiments on Living Organisms and Active Matter. Beijing Normal University, China, 2014.

Invited talk. 9th European Conference on Mathematical and Theoretical Biology. Symposium: Collective motion of about 100 particles. Chalmers University of Technology, Sweden, 2014.

Regular talk. International Conference: Collective Motion 2014. Interaction Networks and Collective Motion in Swarms, Flocks and Crowds. Aalto University, Finland, 2014.


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A. Kotrschal , M. Romenskyy, A. Szorkovszky, M. C. Teles, R. F. Oliveira and N. Kolm. Brain size and experience impact leadership in a shoaling fish. (submitted)

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M. Romenskyy, J. E. Herbert-Read, A. J. W. Ward, and D. J. T. Sumpter. Body size affects the strength of social interactions and spatial organisation of a schooling fish (Pseudomugil signifer). Royal Society Open Science, 4:161056, 2017.

J. E. Herbert-Read, M. Romenskyy, and D. J. T. Sumpter. A Turing test for collective motion. Biology Letters, 11:20150674, 2015.

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For publications before 2013 click here

M. V. Netsvetov, M. V. Romenskyy, P. K. Khizhenkov, and V. I. Netsvetov. Magnetic nano- and micromaterials in lessivage simulation. Gruntoznavstvo (Ukr. Soil Sc. J.), 8 (3-4):36–40, 2007.

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M. V. Romenskyy and M. V. Netsvetov. The influence of high frequency electromagnetic radiation with hypokinesia on functional asymmetry and biophysical parameters of the mouse brain.Ecology and Fauna of Southern-East of Ukraine, 4:32–37, 2004.

Grants and Awards

IRCSET Postgraduate Scholarship. Irish Research Council for Science, Engineering and Technology, 2009 – 2012

Best Student Research Award. National Academy of Sciences of Ukraine, 2008

Student Competition in Ecology and Environmental Protection. Ministry of Education and Science of Ukraine, 2007

Scholarship of Scientific Council of Donetsk National University. Ministry of Education and Science of Ukraine, 2006 – 2008